Art Book


Rhythm & Hues (Door Peninsula)

Imagery that explores the natural beauty of this magical place. The Door Peninsula. Through the eyes of a dreamer.

Over 100 color photographs

160 pages

7 x 7 inches(18 x 18 cm)

COMING in 2020 !!

Screen Shot 2019 03 22 At 12.30 Pm.Png

The 12 Project: Meditations art book is a companion to the original The 12 Project. A photographic journey by Wisconsin artist Matthew Aaron Aicher.In that he produced an image a day that represented the spirit and joy that he experienced in the course of a full year. The inspiration for Matthew Aaron originally started with the simple notion of:

“Being present in the now and to see each day as the precious gift that it is”.

        The 12 Project: Meditations book showcases 176 newly created images that draws inspiration from the original 365 which allows the viewer the possibly to see the normal in a different way.

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